As part of the civil engineering program, the CMA teaches the following courses:

  • Prospective Modeling Course: Principles and uses of mathematical models to assess policies to combat climate change. This course is part of the Civil Engineering training programs at MINES ParisTech and MINES Nancy (2nd year), the EEET masters and Energy Systems Optimization Post-master's at MINES ParisTech.

  • The MIG Embedded Systems: An MIG (General Engineering Module) is a three-week training module open to students on the MINES ParisTech Civil Engineering course.

It aims at introducing a group of first year students to an industrial field combining research and teaching and offers an initial approach to engineering professions.

The CMA takes part in the ATHEN program (Course code MP01) which dates from 2004, on which it teaches C++ programming language

It also lectures on master’s courses at EEET, Nice Sophia-Antipolis University and Provence Aix-Marseille University.

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