E3D Environment project

Decision-support in waste management for regional authorities

Project manager for the CMA: Gilles GUERASSIMOFF

The CMA has accompanied the company E3D Environnement, based in Aix-en-Provence and specializing in Water Engineering, Sanitation, Waste and Energy in a project to create a new generation of environmentally friendly services to promote the local prevention of waste and interactivity between supply and demand, the user and the authority.Le CMA.

The planning law relating to the implementing of the Grenelle agreement plans to put an incentive fee in place in 2014. Regional authorities must therefore deal with a problem that is not only technical but also one that involves accepting this new fee which is proportional to the volume of waste produced by households.

The decision-support system developed in this collaboration must allow authorities to steer their citizens around to a lasting reduction in and a better management of their household waste by providing personalized support for the service users.

The project came to an end in 2013, leading to the development of the platform christened GD6D enabling the citizens to adhere to it and monitoring their progress.

Find out more about this project at http://www.e3d-environnement.com/



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