Chair Modeling for sustainable development

Launched in 2008, it is directed jointly by Nadia MAÏZI, Director of the CMA and Jean-Charles HOURCADE, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech and coordinated by Sandrine SELOSSE. It has a budget of 2.5 million Euros over 5 years.

The following are partners:

- Academic partners: MINES ParisTech, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, AgroParisTech, ParisTech, the FI3M, the Fondation de l’Ecole des Ponts ParisTech;

- An institutional partner and industrial partners: ADEME, EDF, RENAULT, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC and TOTAL

The aims of the Chair:

It involves creating a dynamic force aimed at facilitating decision-making in debates concerning scientific and technological issues linked to the dual energy-climate constraint and this to:

- Ensure a reinforced presence in founding laboratories and their partners in important places of national and international expertise in sustainable development around the energy-climate issue, extending their current involvement within the Centre d’Analyse Stratégique (strategic analysis center) (for France – thanks to the initial support of the Conseil Français de l’Energie (French Energy Board), the IEA (World Energy Outlook, Energy Technology System Analysis Programme), the OECD, the World Bank and the International Group of Climate Study Experts.

- Generate a lasting prospective platform for decision-support for economy-resources-climate interfaces on issues of energy and climate policy, industrial development and technological choices in a context of changing competition rules. This platform will gradually include links between the energy/climate issue and other key issues concerning the problem of sustainable development.

- Ensure international academic influence by holding international symposiums, publications in disciplinary journals (in economics, management and applied mathematics), and the organization of special editions of trade journals (energy, environment, transport, water) on the themes of sustainable development.

- Set up thesis financing programs and training seminars meeting the needs of partner companies in the field of forecasting (raising awareness in the interest of a prospective approach in managing their business, improving and transferring skills in the field).

-   Compensate for the national training deficit in the prospective approach using a prospective approach.

The achievements:

-  Development of TIMES-France and TIAM-FR prospective modeling tools. Read more...

-  Development of a centralized archiving tool for the Markal/TIMES models: MCOPM platform. Read more...

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