C++ Programming Language training program

Manager: Valérie ROY

This optional course of Athens week (Course code MP01) that has existed since 2004, takes place in March on the Paris MINES ParisTech site and every year welcomes forty or so students.

Course aim

C++ has become the essential normalized industrial language. In fact, it combines the main qualities of high-level object-oriented languages, with the power of languages close to machine languages.

Like all applications including running time and memory space constraints, it allows the implementation of software that require a direct manipulation of material targets (operating systems, peripheral drivers, networks, etc.) while providing expressivity, reuse, maintenance, simplicity of evolution, test facility, the ease in managing large projects, scaling up and the stability of written codes. A generalist language with a broad spectrum intensively used in a number of domains, it is one of the benchmark languages of free software under LGPL license.

C++ is one of the main languages used in the industrial world, the knowledge of which is essential for any future engineer wishing to be involved in the many fields related to information and communication technologies.

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