Development of a centralised archiving tool for the Markal/TIMES models: MCOPM platform

Managers: Sébastien FOLIO et Evariste CHAINTREAU

Recruited in 2013 in the context of the MPDD Chair, Sébastien FOLIO, Computer specialist and Evariste CHAINTREAU, Research Engineer, have developed an archiving and monitoring tool of versions of the Markal/TIMES mathematical models used by CMA lecturers and researchers. This tool notably allows the creation of a centralised database grouping together all models and results generated during studies conducted at the laboratory.

The purpose of this database is twofold:

- To enable the models to be durable so they can be used as a base for other research team members;
- To enable the research of older results and to make possible revisions to papers submitted for publication on the one hand and complete new studies and thus compare more data on the other.

This tool will simplify the back-up and re-exploitation of the centre’s models while allowing the different work realised by the research team to be pooled. Developers are working on improving this platform to supply researchers with new tools. More advanced model research solutions and an automatic management of model comparison criteria are notably under consideration.

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